You Exist Nowhere

We often face insults and humiliations. It’s not really something new to us. Sometimes people often taunt us which often leads to psychological and emotional breakdowns. Many often choose the path of suicide. As a result people end up calling them cowards. But have you ever thought of stopping these insults and humiliations? Well I did. And still now I do.

I remember correctly that when I was in my last year of school I used to have a friend. He was very friendly to me. We always used to hang out and chat about everything. We really didn’t hide anything about us. I f I remember correctly,then he was the one who tried to be very flirty. “Why? Because I was a girl or a thing which he can spend his free time? “I always used to have those questions on mind. But I failed and I fell for his trap. A trap which I can’t get out. I tried to get out but his fake charms just wanted me to not doubt him. You know what happened? I faced innumerable humiliations and insults. I cried every single time. Yes, I even thought about suicide. Blackmail was there too. I wanted that year to end as quickly as possible. That guy, I remember, told me that he was very upset about his break up. So he wanted to spend his time by playing this “relationship” game with you. It was your fault that you took it seriously! Listening that I was lost at my words. The first thing that came on my mind was “He used me”.The naive me fought with him very much. And lastly he told me,”You and I are not meant for each other because every time we talk we end up fighting”. I , after that reply, never looked back at him. I blocked him and I deleted every social media apps. Yes, I wanted a break.

After 1 year I came back with a bang! I recovered and did well in my exams and got admitted to a prestigious college of my dreams and of my favourite subject as my honours. I even started learning a tough language because I always used to have the dream of becoming interpreter. He,again texted me to see if I was better. He really didn’t expect to see me in a better state. As again he started talking to me and we talked for 2 days. He again started hitting on me thinking that I would fall under his trap. This time I didn’t. Because I learned lessons from past incident. Last thing I told him about getting a girlfriend. To which he told me I carry out a dual personality. He thought that telling this break me down emotionally. He thought that I would take back my words. He even tried telling me to not text again. But, I didn’t break down this time. I , in return told him that we should neither text each other nor see each other. Even if we by coincidence meet with each other we should try to think that we don’t know each other. “I pray, you and I should never get to meet each other”.

He never replied me back again….

To me, I will always tell those people who are in abusive relationships,do try to come out of the mental abuses. You never know when it will turn out into physical abuses. It may even lead to suicide. I will always tell those to break those relationships because whoever criticises you and look down upon you, try to fight back. Also come out of that relationship and lead a healthy lifestyle. It will help you to heal. In this way we can save a life. One by one.